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The main reason for the weak sexual ability?


As we get older, the so-called male sex hormone will decrease Hormone Testosterone. Also, the cardiovascular function worsens with age,Which negatively affects the erection directly.

Lack of exercise

According to a survey of 300 men, it was found that men who exercised consistently had better erection and had more sperm than others. To achieve these results, a man needs to exercise three to five times a week.

Unhealthy diet

An improper diet rich in fats and preservatives And materials Carcinogen may result in Often due to poor health, poor cardiovascular condition, and obesity Excessive, it also directly affects sexual ability. Many times it works accustomed Drinking too much alcohol and smoking made the matter worse.


Our life these days is full of pressure that negatively affects the body entire. Has been Stress drains energy and disrupts the responsible psychological mechanism About erection.
What is the relationship between erection, sexual pleasure and penis size

The average testosterone levels in men between the ages of 30-45 years depend on the length of the penis test results for a group of 100 people

Testosterone level:                                  6-13 nmol / L

Testosterone level:                                  18-18 nmol / L

Penis length

Nowadays, creams and nutritional supplements remain the means The most                     Effective to enhance sexual ability.

In most periods, most men suffer from Shortage Susceptibility Readiness for sex and may accompany it sometimes                     Decreased excitement, decreased tremors, and a lack of sex.                      And in fewer cases with symptoms after ejaculation

Sexual desire requires superior strength

Fortunately, there is now a special cream for a greater growth of penis size safely and especially without Pain, from a mixture of rare oils and essential oils in order to produce the best virginity cream you can use.

Virility cream: increased sexual desire Just one pack is enough to get Great and reliable results

How does virility cream work?

This is the easiest, fastest and most important way to ever enlarge your penis! There has been a lot of positive feedback about this treatment from both ordinary men and urologists worldwide. Karim al-Fahawla appeared since 2000 and every day is gaining in popularity.

Many years of research and experiments in mice eventually led to the discovery of a completely natural way to improve the effectiveness and enlargement of a man's penis. The test group showed surprising results compared to previously known methods of penis enlargement.

It was a long time before the gel also reached us, but it has firmly established itself on the market among similar treatments. The virginity cream contains only natural ingredients, so it is absolutely harmless! More importantly, its efficacy and impact extends with you forever!

What is virility cream?

Before use

The blood cannot fill the capillaries and blood vessels in the penis. The nerve endings almost do not transmit electrical signals, and as a result, the erection is delayed or not at all, and the cavernous body is exhausted.

After use

The blood circulation in the capillaries of the upper layers of the skin improves, the elasticity and vascular tension increase, and the nerve connections that lead to the psycho-physical mechanisms of the erection are restored.

Special ingredients that improve health and enhance sexual desire                      in a                      All ages Get noticeable results within 3-5 days!

Provides all the necessary vitamins

The role of virility cream not only increases testosterone production, but also affects                          Directly in increasing libido and sperm production process.

It improves blood pressure and blood circulation

It helps to stimulate blood circulation, which increases the flatulence, which gives more volume.

It promotes erection and delays rapid ejaculation

It improves blood circulation in the capillaries in the organ to reach the signals Easily nervous for an erection to occur faster than before. It also reduces the sensation in the skin of the penis, delaying ejaculation for a while More than 30 minutes.

It helps to make the fun last longer

Increases sexual intercourse time, not less than 30 - 40 minutes.

4 unique key ingredients in a cream The virility ensures amazing results:

Cream virility
Unparalleled special effect

Clove essential oil
It works to reduce convulsions and nervous tension and calm down the tension, which is one of the most important The reasons behind premature ejaculation

Ylang Ylang flower

It improves sexual life, treatment of frigidity and loss of sexual arousal

the rice

This plant type helps to extend the period with the partner, and it also works to enhance erection

Maca plant

Natural protein helps to regenerate Tissue improvement and efficacy of volume Penis by analyzing acids Amino.

Enhance sexual ability with virility cream

The result                      Amazing!

Increased penis size, stronger erection, and longer sexual intercourse

Features of virginity cream:

The result lasts from 3 to 6 months
No symptoms of poisoning
Improve the condition of the heart and blood vessels

Why is it so ineffective?
Other products?

The results disappear once you have finished using these products, and it is possible Induce use
Excessive it affects the heart and blood vessels

Libido booster

With cream virility you are the best!

A simple and effective way to boost your libido
Strong erection in all stages of life!
Confidential product box and delivery
Paiement when recieving
Fast delivery

More frequently asked questions:

Is virility cream works after the age of sixty?
Yes, you will benefit from the length of the sexual intercourse and improve the sensitivity and enlargement of the penis

Can I drink alcohol and use coffee?
Drinking large quantities of alcohol has a harmful effect on the strength of erection and it is best not to drink it before sex. But it will not lead to an allergic reaction or other negative reactions after the development of all.

Is it safe for my partner?
Yes, if urine gets into the vagina it will not cause any harmful effects, but it is better to wait until it is absorbed.

Dr. Ahmed Attia, The sexologist

Expert opinion

Many men have erectile dysfunction. There may be reasons Different among them are age, frequent stress, unhealthy or unhealthy feeding Adequacy, lack of rest, alcoholism, nicotine, etc. And all lead To the same result represented by problems in the nature of sexual life. On For the past twenty years, I've seen men of all ages and from All lifestyles suffer from problems with sexual ability. We were able to Find the perfect treatment to help them. It is cream virility! During the experiments Clinical, proven to be effective even in very critical situations. I recommend all Patients most definitely use virility cream as their best treatment. it was Really, everyone who tried it is appreciated!
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